about Waz (Warrick)


I am a Newcastle NSW based photographer who spends a lot of time shooting in the ocean.

Like, a lot.

I’m also an Afghanistan Veteran, an apprentice Freediver and a Sparky (Electrician). I’m also the oldest, and the shortest (at 6’3”), of three Central West, NSW raised brothers.

You’re probably wondering why a guy who has spent so much time in rural, remote and occasionally landlocked locations has dived into ocean photography? (Pun most certainly intended)

Because I love it, because it’s physical and can be dangerous.

It demands your utmost attention and even in the worst mood, all of the ‘stuff’ that consumes our lives gets left on the beach.

It’s not all sunrise swims though, have a look around and you’ll see some above sea level images, too.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be supported on a number of occasions by the Australian National Veterans Art Museum, which has allowed my to exhibit as an Artist in both the annual ‘March to Art’ exhibition, Melbourne (2017) and the ‘From War’ exhibition, Australian Parliament House (2018-2019).

I’ve also since hosted my first solo exhibition, ‘These Seven Seas’ (2019) here at home in Newcastle, which set out to explore our connection to the ocean, it’s power as a metaphor for the balance of life and our relationship with our own mental health.

Thanks for stopping by.